coaching and consulting for people, teams, and organizations who want to move forward

What is adelante?

Adelante is the Spanish word for forward and truly embodies the spirit of San Francisco based adelante coaching + consulting, and its Founder and CEO, Alicia Santamaria.

As a learning and development coach and consultant, one of Alicia’s core beliefs is that learning and action go hand in hand. She is committed to her clients seeing measurable forward results.

In order to move forward…

We need to know where we have been, where we are now, where it is we want to go, and what strengths we have to get us there. This journey is unique and must be intentional. adelante coaching + consulting provides the support that people, teams, and organizations need to find their forward.

Deeply grounded in the strengths-based coach approach to development, Alicia works with individuals on their journey to discover and fulfill personal or professional goals… to achieve “their forward.”

She partners with teams and organizations of all sizes, across sectors and industries, who have identified that “their forward” is creating and sustaining high employee engagement and a positive workplace culture.

Coaching with adelante is...

• A collaborative partnership that keeps you at the center as you move forward.
• A means to better understand and leverage your unique talents and strengths.
• A perspective-taking and perspective-shifting process.
• A gentle push when you want to be held accountable.
• A space where you can be all of who you are and even more.
• An invitation to explore self-limiting beliefs and step out of your own way.
• An exploration of your values and the chance to realign with what is most important to you.
• An intentional opportunity you give to yourself to focus solely on you and your development.

We provide the tools to move you forward…

Why work with adelante...